Ever? Sit and watch the dolphins at Kampi Dolphin Canyon, admire the scenery along the river!

 Kampi Dolphin Canyon Resort, located in Sambok Commune, Chit Borei District, is one of the potential tourist destinations in Kratie Province.  To reach Kampi Dolphin Canyon, we have to travel about 15 km from Kratie town along Road 377. 

To visit the dolphins at Kampi Dolphin Canyon, tourists have two options: visit the dolphins from a distance along the river or rent a boat from the community to visit the dolphins along the river.

When traveling by boat to the middle of the river near the dolphin canyon, the boat is turned off and visitors have to wait to hear the dolphins' breathing as they emerge from the water to breathe every 12 to 15 minutes.  Mammal Mekong dolphins are a rare and rare species in the world. In Cambodia, dolphins live along the Mekong River from the provincial town of Kratie to the Cambodia-Laos border, which is about 190 kilometers away. 

According to WWF, as of 2020, Cambodia has more than 90 dolphins living in nine canyons, four in Stung Treng and five in Kratie. The Kampi Dolphin Canyon has the largest population of dolphins.

Please watch the video from Road to District program, part 3 below:

Source: Sabay

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