International investors in Cambodia is a potential investment destination

Mr. Clement Yang, President of MEDTECS Cambodia, based in Kampong Cham and an investor in Manhattan Special Economic Zone, Bavet City, Svay Rieng Province, expressed his satisfaction with the investment in the factory and special economic zone in Cambodia, despite the obstacles. Continue.

Clement Yang, in a meeting with Senior Minister for Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation Cham Prasidh yesterday, said that Cambodia is a potential investment destination that currently intends to expand its capital in its factories and economic zones because of the border. Cambodia-Vietnam is an important economic corridor. But this work is related to Cambodian investment law”

He also expressed his commitment to environmental protection in his investment sector, the implementation of the principles of green energy (Green Energy) as well as green industry (Green Industry) by focusing on the treatment of wastewater from the factory. Standardize and make the river to be fresh and developed as a natural tourist area next to the border. This work, he also suggested cooperation with relevant institutions.

Senior Minister Cham Prasidh, Minister of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation, praised Yang's plan to expand investment in factories and economic zones, requesting further discussions with the Council for the Development of Cambodia and support for protectionist attention. Environment by implementing the principles of green energy and green industry, which is in line with the principles of the Ministry, which adheres to the development of green industry and green technology.

The Senior Minister described Clement Yang as one of the most successful investors in Cambodia for 21 years, also contributing to the economic, labor market and social responsibility in Cambodia.

He added that at a time when the world, as well as Cambodia, is suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 virus, Yang's MEDTECS factory, based in Kampong Cham, has increased its production, focusing on protective equipment Personalized PPE (PPE) and also provided a mask and medical clothing for the prevention of Covid-19 infection to the needs of Cambodia, including some other countries.

The senior minister also asked Yang's factory to increase production of Covid-19 protective equipment to meet all market needs as the virus is still a global threat.


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