Covid-19 found positive in CTN comedy group

According to the news this afternoon, the first case of Covid-19 was found on the comedy group of CTN TV station, Ms. Seng Chenda called Srey It.

The information in the telegram group "Public Officials' Documents" confirmed this case and caused a surprise this afternoon. Because this is the first case that happened outside the Hang Meas TV station and at another station.

Covid-19 found positive in CTN

In this case, Srey It told Fresh News that she had a positive Covid-19 test and that she was now Doctors have arrived at the Great Duke Hotel. As for the cause of her illness, Neay Krouch's sister said that because in the past, she had an indirect relationship with Miss VDnet.

It is known that Srey Iet has a daughter living together, it is not yet known that the young daughter And what are the test results yet, and who else is indirectly and directly involved with the female comedian.

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