ARMY congratulates BTS for first-ever GRAMMY nomination

However, BTS did not win Best Pop Duo / Group Performance 'from the 63 the Grammy Awards on 14 March 2021, but the Army was hailed for showing pride for them, and note That day is also a memorable history.

ARMY congratulates BTS for first-ever GRAMMY nomination

On social media, especially Twitter, fans are celebrating their presence on BTS 'GRAMMY, now accompanied by the hashtag #LightItUpBTS. Although not yet won the title, it was a great experience and a memory for K-Pop after BTS appeared on this world-class show.

For BTS as its first nominee's candidacy Grammys via a «dynamite» they said in an interview with USA Today that the team will try our best To show great performances in return for the support and love received from all the fans.

In the past, BTS has broken countless records, and although the team has not yet won the title, the ambition and commitment along with the effort of The team will continue to reach the goal that the team wants, not to disappoint the fans.

The "Best Pop Duo / Group Performance" award went to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for the song "Rain On Me".

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