Beautiful and soft girl Nak Sreyna shows the face of an important person, you know

Beautiful, gentle, soft-spoken actress Nak Srina, who has little information related to recent love stories, has been spotted. An intimate picture of a man has surfaced, leading to the question of whether the man is her special someone. Which?

This clue appeared through a car posted by Sokun Nisa. A girl who is known to be close to Nisa like her siblings is also present in the photo with the singer couple Hang Meas too. It should be noted that in the picture, Srina was standing close to a middle-aged man in a close state, which raised suspicions. Combined with female stars who have never had love news before.

However, around this issue, the host of Southeast Asian Television explained that things are not as you think. The quiet woman confirms that the man in the picture standing next to her has no special relationship with her. Srey Na said.

"No, he is a friend of my sister's husband (Sokun Nisa) me" 

By now, Nak Srina is 28 years old and it is an age that she thinks should be time to think about things. Couple life because they do not want time to prolong. However, with the confirmation around the picture above, Srina revealed that so far she has not been found. Any special person is left to go anywhere other than people in the art community.

This does not mean that she does not have a lover, but the truth is that there are many, including locals and Abroad, there are middle-aged and older people. Therefore, today she is considering choosing a life partner. But that she is not considering any of the men, she is considering herself open-minded. Having a romantic alliance or stay.

However, Srey Na confirmed that things are not likely to last any longer. "Thinking and probably not for long!" 

Some people used to spy on girls who are waiting for their respective fortunes, Khi Khi Khi!

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