Jessi chooses Jungkook as the male star she most wants to collaborate with

 In an episode of Jessi's Show! Terview, answered a question about her Ideal Type.

Fans already know that Jessi chose actor Ha Jung Woo as the male star she secretly fell in love with, but this time she chose someone else.

Jessi says.

"There was someone I thought was cool today, but I did not know what to say. I filmed a commercial with BTS and went back to when Jungkook was just a little boy, but now he has grown into an adult man” 

She continued: among all foreign actors I want to perform with Bruno Mars, singer for the Korean ... Jungkook like Super Star, so you really need to think. So I mean ... Jungkook .

Knowing Jessi's interest, the fans agreed and hoped that the opportunity to sing together between the two would one day.

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