Mr Nak fake moves from the life of a street SIM card seller to a singer earning thousands of dollars

So far, it is believed that the new male singer Seng Vannak called Nak fake has tens of thousands of dollars left after he revealed That he has a regular income of at least $ 2,000 a month from Youtube and he has been saving it since 2019 I have not yet spent a lot of money or bought anything.

Mr Nak fake moves from the life of a street SIM card seller to a singer earning thousands of dollars

In just three years, the owner of "We Are the Rabbit, He is the Moon" Nak fake has built a huge reputation on the street art through Chanel: Composing and singing your own romantic songs that hurt and appeal to young people as of mid-March 2021 His official YouTube has reached almost 1 million followers.

What is the living situation of Nak fake with the real name Seng Vannak? And what is your history of struggle? Today, Sabay would like to summarize the biography of this Original Song singer as follows:

1- Family Status 

Mr. Seng Vannak was born on December 12, 1998, in a middle-class farming family in Proma village, Svay Ya commune, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng province. . His father, Sek Pov, died of a physical illness in 1998, two months after he was born. So much.

Her mother is a former factory worker and now a housewife. He is the youngest of four children, all of whom are now married and living apart.

2- Education level or education 

At the age of six, in 2003, Seng Vannak entered Kdei Sla Primary School. Entering primary school, he studied at Kien Ta Sieu Secondary School and continued his secondary education at Hun Sen Samaki Daun Kok High School in Svay Chrum District Svay Rieng.

After graduating from the 12th grade in his hometown in 2016, Mr. Seng Vannak continued his higher education at the Royal School of Phnom Penh. Geography and Khmer Literature. But at that time, he only studied until the first year, so he had to plow his name again due to financial problems and his mother fell ill

As for studying or receiving art training, he has none, but he has a lot of talent in singing and researching songs. New songs and compositions of international film and music producers, he has the ability to write lyrics and sing on his own beautiful and new songs Continuing until today.

3- Living conditions and history of struggle 

In terms of Seng Vannak's childhood struggle history, it is no different from the situation of other children in Proma village, Svay Ya commune. No, because at that time he only knew how to study and help do a little work with his mother and brothers. But he began to realize the bitterness and struggle after he stepped out of his hometown to live in Phnom Penh in 2016 to continue Study and work part-time.

The only job he had just come to Phnom Penh and got under difficult circumstances was as a SIM card sales agent. For more than a year as the seller of Cellcard Metfone and Smart SIM cards, Seng Vannak spent a lot of time on the streets. To sell SIM cards to customers, he then earned between $ 150 and $ 180.

Because he stayed in a rented room with his brother-in-law and brother-in-law around Prey Tea market in Phnom Penh without running out of money The court, but his $ 150 salary was sent to his mother in the district and on education, and he left only 20 or Only $ 30 to pay back. Tired of selling SIM cards in the hot and rainy weather almost every day, he quit his job in 2017 and turned to take over his Singing career once again.

4- Step 1 on Street Art 

At the end of 2017, Mr. Seng Vannak called Nak fake started releasing his first song to the public via Facebook. Initially, he could not afford to rent a studio or have his own modern equipment to produce the song, that is, the song "Impossible" For the first time, he used a Samsung note.5 mobile phone to record. Because of the recording on the phone, the sound is not very clear, but the song is so famous that someone posted it on Youtube and someone came in Visited almost 1000 times in a short time.

After releasing this song, he disappeared for a long time because his mother slipped and fell from the house, causing He broke his leg and the youngest child had to take care of his mother. In order to heal his mother's wounds, he was forced to sell a farm and four cows for a total of $ 1,000. The mother went to Vietnam for treatment.

After his mother recovered and brought him back to his hometown in Svay Rieng, he resumed his singing career at In 2019, this time he created his own Chanel Youtube.

Nak fake's second trip to the art world has been recognized by the public, especially young people, because of his voice. Sing a painful romantic song. He currently owns a small studio in a rented house, but from time to time he still relies on the team and rents a studio. They are to shoot the same.

As of March 2021, he has produced 30 original songs, of which 8 have been recorded as MVs. The song that people know him better is "We are rabbits, they are the moon". Through these songs, he revealed that he earns at least $ 2,000 a month.

5- Life and love behind the scenes 

Nak fake has been in love outside the stage since he was young, that is, he used to fall in love with a girl who was the same student when he was studying In high school in his hometown, but separated after he came to live and study in Phnom Penh. Meanwhile, at this stage, he has a reputation and a monthly income of thousands of dollars was suspected by fans. He and Miss Mihor have been in a deep love relationship for many years.

This question has been hidden by both parties, but according to your interpretation through Sabay in the past, you Both are really in love with each other but do not dare to confirm that they really love each other or can talk On the other hand, it is not yet time to break out.

6- Daily routine 

In his free time writing, singing, and acting on his MV, Nak fake always reads books and plays sports. His favorite sports are volleyball and football. But he says he has very little time to go out and play sports because he is currently busy producing songs to put on. Chanel Youtube regularly. So not to mention that there is not much time for sports, not even for a bachelor's degree.

7- Success and aspirations for the future 

Mr. Seng Vannak, also known as Nak fake, revealed that he currently has nearly 1 million followers or subscribers. Through this, he can earn at least $ 2,000 a month, but he saved that money to buy a house. An apartment for his mother living in Phnom Penh, and he also intends to buy a Rangrover for $ 200,000.

He said that the desire to buy a car and a house for his mother has been desired since he entered the arts, and these desires may be fulfilled Soon if his career in music production is still going well.

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