Nak Srina says she was sad to see Nisa raise her hand to say goodbye to relatives to treat Covid-19

Actress Nak Srina expressed her sadness when she saw Sokun Nisa, who she considered as her sister, was picked up by an ambulance in front of her house and raised her hand to say goodbye to her family to treat Covid-19.

The two stars are often very close to each other, even though they are not related to each other, and they always show a lot of activities together, whether they go on a trip or go somewhere, they always appear. Their faces are always together.

Due to such deep love, Nak Sreyna could not control her tears when she saw Nisa raising her hand to say goodbye to her family. Nak Srina described on her social media,

 When you put your hand on Bye-Bye, your tears almost flowed out. This is the taste of our new life, but you are still strong and strong.

However, now Sokun Nisa has been treated properly according to the advice of a doctor, and her health has improved a lot after she posted a picture with a statement confirming her well-being to the public.

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