This week, Thol Lina released a series of songs and said that she is preparing two more songs for Khmer New Year

Newly emerged male singer Thol Lina is recording two MVs to prepare for the upcoming Khmer New Year 2021 Face as he released a beautiful choreography of three consecutive songs this week.

The singer says that the two songs that he is preparing to release on the occasion of Khmer New Year have not been announced yet. Yet the songs that have been released and continue to be released this week are as follows: "Wake up husband to drink" song "If "Brother" and the song "Love of the four young men"

Thol Lina has been involved in the arts since 2008 through her second season of "Cambodia Idol". Although he did not win the first prize on that occasion, his voice is recognized by the masses as beautiful. Released as a professional singer after he released many songs on Chanel Youtube called TK.

As of the end of March 2021, singer Thol Lina has sung no less than 50 original songs and original songs. The most popular songs in 2020 and early 2021 are "Misunderstood That They Love Us" "Husband addicted to gambling" and the song "Mother's life".

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