Just released the MV together! Chum Lino reveals his shortcomings on his new singing career

When it comes to popularity or a lot of people are interested, you are already at the top of the Lino round, and at this point he also recognizes himself. But in terms of singing experience, Chum Lino is already hot and he sees a lot of Brun's shortcomings.

After releasing the official MV together for "Chum Lino and Prun Sipuy" at the beginning of the second week of November, Chum Lino told Sabay that the song was his own composition and directed by Ung Kimdy in order to Brown has appeared in his first new single.

Chum Lino: he said. 

"I don't think the song has much momentum, because I was just playing with Prun…, one of his GM asked me to make a song so that Prun could sing with me and raise his voice to sing like a comedian, but In the future, we will train him to be better” 

Although he is a little older, Chum Lino is still an independent singer with a beautiful voice, and he is currently producing new songs to put on Chanel Youtube "Chum lino Cambodia" and Facebook page "Chum lino Cambodia". At the same time, he said that a sports and music production company had contacted him. 


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