Younger sister denies all rumors that her mother sold Niroth to be adopted

After the story broke, host Hin Channiroth between the family is becoming a hot topic on social media, as many people say that Niroth is not busy with the family because her mother sold her. Let them raise.

While the issue was being debated, the fresh- faced Zeii Pov Facebook user, who claimed to be Sabay 's younger sister- in-law of Niroth , categorically denied any wrongdoing , saying Niroth's mother had abandoned her child. Even children do not love their children, moreover, there is an inappropriate word to say that the mother sold Niroth to others from birth.

Hostess Hin Channiroth's sister

The fresh-faced woman explained to * Sabay on the afternoon of December 15, 2021 that all the statements made by the masses on social media are not true, she would like to completely deny them. The story is that when Kal Niroth was 3 years old, his family situation was very poor, he did not have enough food, that is, he was very poor and could not afford to raise his children to have enough to eat.

That is why the two rich people decided to give Nivat, 3 years old, to be raised until they are full and popular in today's society. In particular, the fact that Niroth's mother decided to give her up to be adopted like this, based on the fact that the person who took her to be raised was not a distant villager, but a natural relative, a cousin of the presenter Hin. This is Channiroth .

Young sister:

 " Speaking of which, it is not like they say that my mother sells her children, it is because of financial problems at that time, they could not afford to raise their children well, there is enough food, so she gave him to them. "Whoever took him was not an outsider. He was my father's cousin " 



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