Tep Boprek made a joke in the Chaiyam Vong, surprised the whole city, and finally went to Surprise Kosma.

Players Chai Yang and Tep Boprek, as well as close friends, made a surprise appearance for actress and eloquent host Kosoma on her birthday last night. That is the play of yam, accompanied by a cartoon dance from Miss Tep Boprek to the front of Miss Kosoma's house.

After Chai Yam and her friends went to Surprise in front of the house to surprise the neighbors, Ms. Kosoma accepted that the preparation without her knowing in advance was prepared by Miss Tep Boprek as the customer and Mr. G David. Arrange for a video recording.

The eloquent hostess stopped talking, just smiled and burst into tears in front of her friends and Tep Boprek, saying she was too excited. She even said a phrase: "Strange forever, my friend."

Aside from the surprise, it is not known if Kosoma received any other gifts from Tep Boprek and her friends. But while playing the cartoon, Tep Boprek was seen carrying a gift box in his hand, which could give Kosoma some valuable souvenirs, because recently, the relationship between Tep Boprek and Miss Kosoma deepened both works of art. And their private lives. 

By: iMil


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