Get to know the identity of the bride in a noble wedding, all the top leaders are present

Cambodia's aristocratic weddings are rocking in the early 2022s, with the public cheering in disbelief. All the arrangements in this wedding ceremony are taken care of and carefully selected, perfect, without any gaps. What catches the eye of the masses can not be overlooked is the arrangement of flowers decorated like paradise in the great universe, like in a fairy tale, that is, the most beautiful. Fresh flowers are luxuriously arranged, highlighted by highly creative fancy decorations.

After all, what makes people want to know more is who the owner of the wedding is. Sabay did not know the details, only that the beautiful bride in this huge wedding, Boutomrath Lybon is the owner of a famous company called "Bliss Wedding". Believe that you must have seen the big wedding scene of the aristocracy in Cambodia, most of them are decorated by "Bliss Wedding".

The solemn wedding was held at the OCIC Commercial Building in the presence of the leaders of many countries as guests of honor. 

By: Admo


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