Honda plans to launch two electric SUVs in US in 2024

In early 2020, Honda and General Motors (GM) announced that they were collaborating on the production of self-driving electric cars. Honda recently announced that it will launch two electric SUVs, as well as plans to launch a Hybrid Gas-Electric for the US in 2024. Also.

It's not wrong, according to Dave Gardner, Honda's head of sales in the United States, said last week that the two cars to be launched are electric cars, possibly with the Acura brand. And another model could be the Honda brand itself. In addition, the plan to build electric cars for sale in the United States is in response to President Joe Biden's administration policy, as well as California's ban on the sale of gas-powered cars by 2030. Also. On the other hand, Honda also stated that the project is not to compete in the electric car market, and also has not yet produced a complete electric car, that is, Honda just wants to focus on the production of cars without emissions. Only until 2050.

Honda is the latest automaker to announce the production of electric vehicles for sale in the United States. The Japanese automaker is also planning to partner with General Motors (GM) as well as Microsoft to produce electric cars. 


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