Land Rover unveils new 2022 Defender V8 with 518hp with larger 11.4-inch display

Land Rover recently announced its new Defender SUV, the 2022 Defender V8, which features a large engine. The key points have been improved. For the appearance of the Land Rover Defender V8 2022, we see that there are some modifications from the previous Defender, but not much, but the main difference from the regular model is that this Defender V8 has a brake bracket ( Brake Calipers) blue.

Indeed, the Land Rover Defender V8 is equipped with a 5.0-liter engine that produces 518hp and 625 Newton-meters of torque. Make no mistake, it has a total of eight cylinders that help it accelerate from 0 to 96km / h in 4.9 seconds, while its top speed is up to 240km / h and it is also powered by a gearbox. 8 auto sessions as well. Land Rover offers two options for users: a two-door model called the Defender 90 V8 and a four-door model called the Defender 110 V8, both of which are powered by engines. One is no different. The interior is upholstered in Ebony Windsor leather, as well as the steering wheel is upholstered in Alcantara.

Another important point that Land Rover has to offer on the new Defender V8 2022 is that this time it has upgraded its Infotainment System called Pavi Pro even better, especially because This time, they used a larger display or entertainment screen, up to 11.4 inches, while previously only 10-inch screen. In addition, they also equipped with wireless charging function for devices such as smartphones to a standard level. However, at this time, the company has not released the price of the car, so we will wait and see how much Land Rover will sell its new SUV model? 

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