Ma Chanpanha blames herself for failing to make "Ornaments of Flowers"

A sad news happened to the family of male singer Ma Chanpanha on the morning of February 25th. That was the news of the death of his grandfather, who owned a popular movie in the early 1970s, "Ornamental Flowers."

Ma Chanpanha blames himself for not being able to fulfill Kong's promise to make a movie that Kong used to remake, but failed to do so and Kong Bey's last breath, even though he recorded Kong Tuek's interview Some are gone.

Ma Chanpanha: “I used to dream that I would go to the movie that I made. Grandson promises to buy Kong at his grandson's wedding. Land time is very fast! Grandpa tried very hard but still could not breathe. Please go to bed calmly and grandchildren will fulfill their promises later.

According to the songwriter and singer, his grandfather, whom he called Kong, named Ma Kaihong, passed away at 3 am on February 25, 2022. He revealed that his grandfather was a struggling filmmaker and a nursery for the next generation. During 1973, his grandfather produced a film called "Ornaments" for the production of "Amara Movie". . 


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