Say Siera, now to the disco again, come out and criticize the owner and producer

The male star, who has been acting for about 20 years, has shown similar resentment towards some partisan producers and filmmakers and has eliminated some of the older stars. The two stars are Say Siera and U Disco.

Say Siera first raised the issue in the media, and on February 10, another You Disco appeared to be in the process of producing a film or MV for a number of productions. Mr. U Disco cited the example of famous actors of the previous generation, such as Mr. Ham Chhora, Mr. Nhem Sokun and Ms. Keo Pich Pisey, who were not valued or given the opportunity to perform and only new actors came to perform.

Mr. U Disco: 

“I am a character, I am also upset, I tried to perform in the style from the beginning, but now I am too partisan, which makes our Cambodian art really decline. I observed that on each TV station, he played the role, he always took that role, and the role that took his heart, he just called that role to shoot a mess ... so that made our Khmer movies fall apart"

The actor, who has more than 20 years of acting experience, recalls that the previous characters all made famous names or nicknames in a movie or MV song. Like Mr. Sok Sophea came out, he was known as Neay Khieu or Nentum, Mr. Nhem Sokun came out, he was known as Samuth Ream and Ms. Keo Pich Pisey. But for the current characters, they know that the characters do not know what they are famous for.

Actor Say Siera also issued a similar criticism in 2021. He said that the owner of the production or producer has given the opportunity to the younger generation too much, almost eliminating the talented old actors, and the masses used to know that they are in need of the art work market like the younger generation.

Say Siera revealed that he now has to rely on the income from selling live products to be a host and a wedding song only a little, but for the market for acting in movies or commercials is not much. He understands that the producer or the owner of the production can still accept them to shoot as before, they just put their role as a brother, father or other characters who are older is the same as long as they want to give the opportunity.

As of 10:00 on February 11, 2022, Sabay has not been able to contact the President of the Khmer Artists Association, Ms. John Chan Leakena, to show the measures to improve the film industry and respond to the criticism of the two male actors. No, not at all. However, the former president of the association, Mr. Sos Mach, once said that the producer or owner of the production is an important person in pushing the arts to grow and the stars have a better life. 


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