The public erupted in criticizing the little princess Norodom Chenna, a Khmer dynasty dressed in Chinese

Everyone is well aware of the fame of the little princess Norodom Jenna, who is talented, creative, cute and attractive both singing and acting because of her beautiful figure and the recent support also makes Some fans are very critical of her Chinese dress.

Recently, the little princess Norodom Jenna posted many pictures on her Facebook account, in which she was wearing a beautiful red Chinese-style dress that made fans admire her. Along with the praise, there are also some criticisms of this Chinese dress, because the princess should not broadcast like this while in Cambodia.

Some supporters also expressed some opinions, with some saying that as a people, please do not support what she is doing. Others say that the little princess is a royal lineage, a high representative of Cambodia, Cambodia has its own civilization for a long time. China wants a country. 


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