Thet Sambath was buried in Kamping Puoy pool because of his appearance

A well-known Cambodian singer in the 1970s, Thet Sambath, had just revealed the cause of his death during the Khmer Rouge era between 1975-1979. A living witness said that the owner of the song "Send love to Kampot" Mr. Thet Sambath was killed by a group of Khmer Rouge because of Mr. Sangha.

In an interview with Chao Kampuchea, a witness who lived in the area with Thet Sambath during the Khmer Rouge regime, Prak Vannary described that during 1975, she met Thet Sambath in Cheng Kda village, when she was evacuated from Pailin. At that time, Thet Sambath was married to a woman named Neang Ny.

Mr. Thet Sambath has a handsome appearance, good flesh, and fits his height without any problem. Mr. Thet Sambath likes to play the flute and cover his head with a towel, for fear of being swarmed and suspected at the time.

In 1976, after living in Cheng Kda village for a long time, the families of Ms. Vannary and Mr. Thet Sambath, along with other villagers, were evacuated by the Khmer Rouge to the shores of Phnom Sampov, and later mobilized to dig for the current Kamping Puoy Dam. It is called "Kamping Puoy Basin" in Banan District, Battambang Province.

Two years later, in 1978, Thet Sambath was unjustly killed by the Khmer Rouge at the site of the Kamping Puoy dam excavation, on the grounds that "female friends in the area always surrounded him. "Until the Tamils ​​became angry and beat him to death and buried him there."

Apart from having a handsome appearance like the actor, Mr. Thet Sambath also has a beautiful voice, not inferior to the older singers. Mr. Thet Sambath left many beautiful songs such as: "Sophany", "Bampe Mon Khlat", "Wat Sleng Camp", "Phnei Sneh and Kampot" and "Phal Meas Bong". 


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