Vanda and Hanuman sign an agreement to hold a concert and entertain fans

Hanuman Beverages, the first distributor of Hanuman beer and one of the most popular and popular in Cambodia, has signed a deal with 24-year-old Cambodian singer Vanda from Barami. Prodachen, who is full of talent and is very popular in singing and composing rap music in Cambodia, has been a goodwill ambassador for two years.

Since 2020, Hanuman Breweries has set a long-term vision plan to build the Hanuman brand, which focuses on product quality in line with international standards, as well as other strategies that will bring the brand of Cambodian products to the international stage. In that plan, the company intends to cooperate with the most talented people in the country, such as artist Vanda, who always produces and designs high quality art and has the ambition to compete on the international stage.

In the new year 2022, Hanuman Breweries and artist Vanda of Barmi Products will organize an unprecedented large-scale art program aimed at promoting the music industry for fans to enjoy. New, unique and enjoyable entertainment experience. Both companies also intend to invest in the production of music with luxurious designs to promote Cambodian culture in order to promote internationally.

"Success, talent and perseverance are what defines a company," said Chas Geschke, CEO of Hanuman Breweries. Hanuman Breweries. So when companies are looking for goodwill ambassadors, we want artists who have the same values ​​as our identity, and especially love our company's products. Artist Vanda is the right choice because he has natural abilities. Hanuman Breweries really wants to be a part of supporting the arts as well as the culture in order to promote Cambodia in the new century to the international level. Hanuman Premium Lager is a testament to our first efforts to become a product that can provide customers with a new flavor with a unique experience.

It is almost unbelievable that Vanda has gained so many fans with so many fans of Vanda's songs that have never been seen before in Cambodia. We can see the support through the song "Time to Rise" featuring the elder Kong Nai.

From the date of its release so far, the song "Time to Rise" has reached 85 million views, which is a new record in Cambodia.

Vanda's success has led to the signing of a global music distribution agreement with the ADA of Warner Music Group, highlighting the changing nature of the modern era in which Cambodian music has become involved in the world of music. Meanwhile, both local and international fans are looking forward to showcasing their cultural values ​​through a mix of classical and contemporary music on the upcoming $ KULL 2 album.

As a goodwill ambassador, Vanda was very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Hanuman Breweries. "Hanuman is a brand that believes in progress and has a high vision for innovation in many fields," says Vanda. I am very pleased and satisfied that Hanuman Breweries believes in what Barmi and I are trying to do for the music industry now and for the recognition of Cambodian art from inside and outside the country. ”

2022 is a year full of hope for Cambodia as the government's vaccination campaign succeeds, giving Cambodia a chance to reopen its economy, and we hope that live broadcasts and businesses can launch as Normal.

Hanuman Breweries and Vanda jointly represent the new face of Cambodian art and the ambitious business forward like never before in the Kingdom of Cambodia. 


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