Why did the leader of "All of Us are Dead" decide to let the high school students fight to the death?

Now, the Korean drama "All Of Us Are Dead" is getting a lot of support around the world due to an unusual story from "Squid Game" .

As the story becomes more popular, so many people want to know about each character. However, in an interview from a recent press conference, director Lee Jae Kyoo also mentioned some stories and characters.

The story focuses on a group of high school students who fight to the death and survive a virus in high school that turns them into zombies . The reason this leader focuses on students is to embed messages from children who are fighting over something.

"So far, zombies have been circling adults. But the series follows the story of underage students who are connecting with society.

When adults are pushed into a dangerous environment, they will look for ways to keep themselves safe. But for children, it can sometimes be dangerous. I want to create a story that will get people thinking about what it means to be an adult and a full-fledged person by looking at the decisions and actions that "Children act in a situation where life goes one step at a time, death one step at a time."

" I do not think bullying happens in schools, because it is common in society," he said. People who have group relationships and are only selfish always bring problems to society.

"Some people may think that it is just a story about school children, but I hope that viewers will be able to understand what is happening and what is relevant to adults."

By  Admo


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