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A brief interpretation of the film in Khmer, This is a story told by a Cambodian video producer.​ Fans who have watched this movie on our website, you can also watch other videos in the channel owner of the video by clicking the link above this video.

(I'm Sorry! I can't write Khmer for everybody on my Website. If's write Khmer my website not show google ads, My website shows google ads or just for a small income just pay for website and internet.

Suordey!!! Website nis ki ban jek romleng nov videos somray reng pheak khmer, korea and thia ng reng hollywood, brey met tang os kor mil videos pseng teat nov ler channel youtube mjas videos doy jol tov kan leng channel khang ler knogn videos del brey met kompong mil.

(Khnom somtus del min sor ser peasa Khmer ler Website nis, Ber sin knhom sorser peasa Khmer Ads robos Google min bong hanh Ads ler website knhom te)

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